OTC Futures


The futures contract offers sellers and buyers predetermine quantity, quality, delivery date, cash settlement and delivery point for a commodity in future.

If you want to lock in a price to avoid an unexpected price hike, try OTC futures trading. When the contracted price of commodities increases, it becomes more valuable, shelling more profit to the buyer while the seller faces huge losses. This could happen vice-versa too.

With this trading, there is a chance of managing the exposure to the risk of a price swing.

OTC Futures (CFDs) Instruments at Trust Capital TC

  • Energy/Commodity CFDs - Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Sugar
  • Financial CFDs - Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar
  • Index CFDs - DJ, NASDAQ, S&P
  • Cryptocurrencies CFDs - Bitcoin / US Dollar, Dash / US Dollar, Ethereum / US Dollar, Litecoin / US Dollar, Ripple / US Dollar

Benefits of Trading CFDs with Trust Capital TC

  • Rapid online order execution
  • Opportunity to trade in a wide variety of markets
  • No trading restrictions
  • Direct market control
  • Fully automated execution
  • Zero dealer intervention
  • Tradable on market spreads on ‘market execution‘ mode
  • Multiple order entry feature with stopping, take profit and limit orders